GA VSD iPM Screw Compressors

Oil-lubricated Screw Compressor GA7-75VSD iPM

Compressors feature smart drive and intelligent control for unprecedented reliability and efficiency. Variable Speed Drive is integrated as standard, along with an Integrated Permanent Magnet motor and a unique air compressor inverter. As a result, the GA7-75 VSD iPM reduces energy consumption by an average of at least 35%, setting a new benchmark for cost savings and sustainable performance in the compressor industry

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GA7-75 VSD iPM compressors are equipped with a leakage-free drivetrain designed by Atlas Copco with patent of Vacuum Ejector System (VES), to ensure compressor work with stable and high performance.

Smart and intelligent

Unique inverter for air compressors. Integrated graphic controller, developed by Atlas Copco, with control logic adapted to fit different operating conditions. Modular design with proven performance and efficient material usage.


Low maintenance: Vacuum Ejector System (VES) creates a leakage-free system for GA 30 -75 VSD. Proven durability with modular design to ensure maximum use of parts. W-fin cooler for dependable performance in harsh environments.


On average 10% lower Specific Energy Requirement (SER) than fixed speed compressors. Energy consumption is typically reduced by at least 35% compared to an idling compressor. Minimized efficiency losses through a direct drive with an permanent magnet motor equalizing IE4. Optimized inlet flow at air-end through use of sentinel Valve to minimize pressure and air loss.

VSD for more than 35% energy savings

Atlas Copco’s GA VSD iPM technology closely matches the air demand by automatically adjusting the motor speed. This results in energy savings of on average 35% compared to load/ unload machines

A step ahead in monitoring and controls

The next-generation Elektronikon® operating system offers a wide variety of control and monitoring features that allow you to increase your compressor’s efficiency and reliability. To maximize energy efficiency, the Elektronikon® controls the main drive motor and regulates system pressure within a predefined and narrow pressure band.

Why choose Atlas Copco Variable Speed Drive technology?

 On average, more than 35% energy savings with an extensive flow range (25-100% for GA 30-75 VSD)

• Integrated Elektronikon® Touch controller controls the motor speed

• Unique NEOS inverter (for GA -75VSD iPM)

• Oil cooled iPM motor means compressor can start/stop under full system pressure without the need to unload

• Eliminates peak current penalty during start-up

In almost every production environment, air demand fluctuates depending on different factors such as the time of the day, week or even month. Extensive measurements and studies of compressed air demand profiles show that many compressors have substantial variations in air demand.


Dual pressure set point

Most production processes create fluctuating demands which, in turn, can create energy waste in low use periods. Using the Elektronikon®, you can manually or automatically create two different system pressure bands to optimize energy use and reduce costs.

Integrated Saver Cycles

Fan Saver Cycle reduces the energy consumption by switching off the fan in light load applications. Using an ambient sensor to monitor the required dew point suppression, the Elektronikon® starts and stops the dryer, minimizing energy use.

Week timer

An on-board clock enables timers to be set up to support any working scheme –per day, per week or completely customizable to your specific situation and needs.